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My wife Dee and I had another man, often gets fucked while I looked, talked, but nothing happened. Then one night, after they were a couple of drinks he was playing with her ​​pussy, and I told him that I realized the men of his senses all night in the bars and the way must have wanted to take the ass. She was very excited and said zootube365 he would like fucked by another man and came almost immediately. A few nights later, we chatted on the bed, as she had actually shot a couple of nights ago, and asked them if they want to do any other kind of pressure and see how it went. She zootube365 said, ' it would be good,' so he shot the laptop, and began the search for the guys here looking for someone suitable. finally arrived zootube365 about Mark, a 30 year old, who was a bit like a bodybuilder and a very nice cock. We send you a message and the next day, he said. We sent a message each other a few times before they agreed to meet at a hotel in Cheltenham. We checked into the hotel and Dee took a bath and shaves her pussy, she is 40 years in the middle, but passes easily 10 years younger with a size 10 figure, shoulder length light brown zootube365 hair 34B zootube365 and perky tits. a strap retention ups black and purple dress zootube365 simple, I could see was fucking beautiful! We at the bar and Mark was waiting for us, that a handsome guy, as in his paintings with a well toned body was. We talked a couple of drinks for a few hours I saw and liked Dee suggesting that up to the room and open a bottle of wine that was there. When we reached the room Dee took the robe and sat on the edge of the bed, put on his pants and Mark approached her. He untied his pants a tail, which is the same size as mine was -.. 7 ', but much thicker Dee zootube365 grabbed her and licked the end, licking the shaft and then kissed his balls, he pushed her back onto the bed and licked her thighs against the tops of the mean, whichr moved her panties aside and licked her pussy, she moaned and complained. Marcos pulled it down and pulls his cock was in her pussy. That was going to happen, I felt strange, somehow jealous type enthusiast. Mark eased his cock into her and started pumping. He was a good fuck, her lips were wrapped around his cock. He was really pumping and Dee was really enjoying it, she moaned and grabbed her ass to pull him towards her. Then something happened that made ​​me sick, Dee said, 'This is really nice, I like your cock, and she began to pinch hard, tongue in each others mouth. Mark Rythmn even faster, he was going to end. he was not wearing a condom and Dee is on the pill, in all the excitement I had forgotten. it was too late and complained Mark shot his load deep in my pussy wife without protection. Rodó her and lay down beside her, his semen running down her ass. Dee started playing with her pussy rubbingbing his sperm on her clitoris. I knelt down and lick it, because I was in my wife 's pussy licking another mans cum with her. I masturbate my cock as I shot my load and made runs on the bed. Mark was hard again, Dee is in your hands and knees and he caught dogging style, I see from various positions, as his cock went in zootube365 and out of it before reaching it. She snuggled into bed and fell asleep while I slept on the couch. In the morning I was awakened by the creaking of the bed and I could only see the Dee shilouette legs in the air pump and burn marks. Have no idea how zootube365 long damn time, but most of Dee 's new lover emptying his balls were on the back. We agree that we are brand new in a month or so and at the same time, Dee has been taking the pill. This story began a year and meet regularly each month Dee mark for him to give a good fuck. Can not wait for something and if our relationshipip stronger. However, I am a little jealous when I mount and enjoy his cock as much as she does, but if it keeps them happy then who am I to complain.
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